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Glycol/Borate Wood Preservative Concentrate

known as Cobra Rods

indoor/outdoor residual insecticide

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POST GUARD (known as Cobra Rods)

Borate Rods

Post Guard rods are a way to spot treat decay prone areas such as log ends that are already coated with a finish.

Once inserted into damp or wet wood the borate / copper complex in the rods dissolves spreading the active ingredients into areas surrounding the rod. This eliminates active decay fungi and helps prevent rot for 8 to 10 years.

Post Guard rods are 7/16" in diameter are available in either two or four inch lengths. A 1/2" diameter drill bit is used for installation. The installation holes may be plugged with the accompanying plastic plugs or Energy Seal.

A typical six to eight inch round log end will require one 4” long or two 2” long rods inserted within 4 inches of the butt end.

Shelf Life
  • 5 years
Application Temperature
  • 40o to 90o
Application Methods
  • Drill and insert
Surface Preparation
  • Clean and Dry
  • Bare wood
  • Effective for 5-10 Years
Special Instructions
  • Plug hole with
2” x 10” lumber
1 rod / linear foot
6”x 6” post
2 rods / linear foot
16” diameter log
4 rods / linear foot

½” x 2 ” pkg 10
$ 39.85
¾” x 3” pkg 12
$ 54.95

Use a ½” drill bit to drill hole. Drill hole to a depth of at least 3 ¾”. Clean out the hole and insert the Cobra Rod. Insert the plastic plug into the hole.
Using a screw driver twist the plug clockwise. Make sure the top of the plug sets about ¼” below the surface of the wood. Fill the hole with appropriately colored Energy Seal. Smooth with tool or finger. After a few hours the Energy Seal may be stained to match the surrounding area.

If you would like more information or need a referral to an experienced contractor, or ready to place an order, contact your nearest Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. location.

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